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about us

A lifelong passion for food, wine and coffee eventually led Alan Phillips to trade in his high-flying career in the pharmaceutical industry in order to roast beans by the sea in County Meath. Alan learnt his craft from one of the best in the business, training under Kees Kraakmann of Amsterdam's Keppler Coffee. And when he launched The Studio it was very much in line with Kees' ethos of quality and consistency.

The Seasonal Line-up changes constantly, look out for lots from Ethiopia, Rwanda,Colombia and Costa Rica.

Alan explains, as roast volume grows, quality tends to decline, so we manage this problem by only roasting in small batches.

Green beans are ethically sourced from farms across the coffee growing belt and roasted as single origin lots on the 15kg Giesen. Trips to origin - Ethiopia and Kenya - are scheduled for later in the year and promise to expand both the online and B2B offering even further.

The Studio's sustainable approach to coffee sourcing is mirrored at the roastery which is largely powered by renewal energy.