El Salvador - Bosque Lya

El Salvador - Bosque Lya

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Finca Bosque Lya achieved fa me in specialty coffee circles when it took first place in the 2004 Cup of Excellence.

This is a 96 hectare farm - 64 of which are dedicated to coffee, the balance being left as natural rainforest. Finca Bosque Lya is situated in the municipality of Santa Ana on the foothills of the Ilamatepec Volcano. The farm was established in 1932 when Gustavo Vides Valdes named his property in honour of his newly born daughter, Lya. The farm name Bosque Lya translates to - Lya’s forest.

Pack: 250 grams

Taste Notes: Orange, toffee, milk chocolate

Altitude 1470 -1650 masl

Variety - Red Bourbon

Process - Washed

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